Process Instances Advanced Search Window too small - can you enlarge it?

Hi all,

we have the situation that the “Process Instance” Advanced Search Window is too small for our purpose (see screenshot attached). Our process models have longer names and we have several technical versions online (and own versions with similiar names).

However, it should be possible to enlarge this window somehow - regarding the width of the select box AND also the number of shown process model names.

Do you have any ideas how we could solve this?

process instance search window too small.PNG


you should consider opening a feature request in Brainstorm (reachable via Empower).


Hi Holger,

thank you, but we consider this as a bug and opened a SR now.

Btw: It’s not only the view that has 250 px hard coded, but also the service that only delivers 42 characters. So it must be fixed on both sides in our opinion.