Process ASN (856)


I need to process ASN (856) from TN, for which i need to update the extended field in the partner’s profile.

I need to know which field in the extended field tab will hold the service name of 856.

Please help!

Thanks in Anticipation!


I assume you’re doing maintenance on an integration that someone else created.

Normally, the service to be invoked for a given partner and document type is not specified in a profile. Typically, that configuration is captured within a processing rule. For example, “when the sender is ABC, and the receiver is XYZ, and the document type is X12 4010 856, invoke service a.b:c”.

However, someone may have created a general purpose handling service that when invoked via a TN processing rule, looks up a mapping service from the profile extended fields. If that is the case, I’m afraid we’re not going to be of much help because extended fields are custom and defined by you (or your predecessor). The field might be in any group. Search through them to see if a field in one of the groups looks like it specifies a service name.

Hope this helps.



Sorry! i might have communicated wrongly.

My query is… we have “OutboundPostProcessingB2BService” for specifying our custom service to process the POs. Likewise, i need to specify the custom service name to process the ASNs in extended field of the partner profile, need to know which attribute holds this.



I guess I didn’t communicate very well either.

We have no idea what extended fields that might be defined on your system. Extended fields are custom definitions and are unique to your environment.