Problems with dataloading

I’m trying to learn how to use Tamino 4th edition and am following the instructions to get it set up, using the RealEstate tsd and xml files provided with the Starter kit. Everything goes fine to a point - I can create and start the database using manager, define my schema using TII and the RealEstate.tsd file as provided.

But I reach a problem when I get to loading data using the RealEstate xml file and the Tamino Manager data map functionality. At this point, after giving it my id, password and xml file location, it aborts, stating that the ino:request is missing.

What is going on with this error? I cannot get any data loiaded into the db and so cannot start running XQueries. Do I need to add some lines to the xml or tsd files as I have used them simply as provided with the CD? Or is my problem with the id and password?

Appreciate any advice.