Problems processing XML Schema in 46

I am trying to do something which I thing should be pretty fundamental: produce a record structure for mapping an outgoing EDIFACT document.

I have a SEF for the EDIFACT document.
I have produced a schema from the SEF file using wm.b2b.edi.createW3CXMLSchema.

When I try to create a record from the schema in Developer (select folder->new->record), I get this message:
errorMessage: [B2BCORE.0082.9015] Ambiguous content model in schema - not LL(1)
I ran the schema through an online checker, and it pronounced it OK.
Another post (archived, from 2002) said that there is a problem with the “all” model in Schema99 that produces this error, and to use the sequence model. I can find no <xsd:all> references in the schema ,which is what I presume this is all about.

Can someone reassure me that this is actually possible? Or perhaps I am going about this in entirely the wrong way (it seemed a little bit easy for something involving XML…)

Everything seemed to be going so well… I’ve spent 3 days of a fixed price contract trying to figure this out.

So thanks for your help!

PS: I am using Business Connector 4.6.


What is the EDIFACT documentType,Version you want to create?Is this custom made?
If not may be i will check if i have that Schema/record readily available and forward to you.


Thanks for your very kind offer.
The document is an ORDRSP 96A, in its EAN form. Quaint, almost historic, but that’s what they will be sending.
I appreciate your offer to supply the record, but I am kind of keen on being able to generate and maintain my own because the business partner has customized the document fairly heavily.
Is my approach correct, RMG?
Perhaps I should be trying to create the document some other way?
I must admit, I haven’t looked at editing an existing BC schema. Is is feasible to find a schema for an existing similar document and edit it? Ensuring correctness will presumably be the tricky part.
How did you create yours?

Thanks as ever,


At this time i may not be helpful much,
Sorry i dont have the ORDRSP 96A, in EAN form which is custom made…

Thanks for trying.
But please tell me - have you ever tried to build a record from a schema?
Should I expect it to work, or is it one of those things that we never talk about…?

yes,we have build a template using SEF and build a record using it for ODETTE (EDIFACT based standard)in IS4.6,but its not a high complex,customized one.
Ofcourse from IS6.x webMethods default provided the ODETTE Schemas.

Sorry for not able to help you more on the issue.