Problems install ADABAS on XP Prof SP 2

Hello all!

At the moment, I’m trying to install ADABAS for Windows on a Notebook with Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2. There are no other Versions of ADABAS installed.

I’ve chosen the typical installation. After the Licence-Dialogs, the Installation-Program copys some stuff into C:…\Software AG\Adabas. Then, the Installation-Program hangs while the following message is displayed:

Writing file C:\Programme\Software AG\Adabas\v333\bin\adaenv.bat

Currently the file adaenv.bat is empty.

What’s the problem?


No problem at all, adaenv.bat is always generated empty :wink:

I know! I compared a proper installation on a Notebook with XP Prof SP 1. Anaenv.bat is empty, too.

But the problem is, that the installation routine hangs with the message “Writing file …adaenv.bat …”. I’ve waited about 30 minutes. Nothing happend.

Ooops, this should, of course, not happen…

As a first step, check ADA333Inst.log in your adabas “home” directory, maybe this gives you a clue.

Thanks for answering. At the moment, the Notbook is on a journey. But I gotta have a look at it on Friday.