Adabas Trial ( Community Edition ) Installation Error


I installed Adabas Trial (ADA_CE) as administrator under windows and got an error “An error occured during installation Adabas Community Edition”.

The log-file says, that
{ ----- logfile paste start ------- }

10:32:12 internal PH_IT> %ADAINS-I-CREFISUC: File successfully created - "C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth\adarbac.ini".
10:32:12 internal PH_IT> 
10:32:12 internal PH_IT> %ADAINS-I-ERRDIR: An error occurred while changing permissions on C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth.
10:32:12 internal PH_IT> 
10:32:12 info Exit code: 1332
10:32:12 internal PH_IT> 
10:32:12 internal PH_IT> 
10:32:12 info com.softwareag.ada.install.utils.FunctionsForADAInstallation.executeShellCommand:74 > ReturnCode: 1332
10:32:12 info com.softwareag.ada.install.utils.FunctionsForADAInstallation.executeShellCommand:75 > Std Out:    

C:\Users\johannes.velmans\AppData\Local\Temp\ZFI_880>echo off 
Start adaconfig.bat
INSTALLDIR    : C:\AdabasNaturalCE
STARTMENUROOT : "Software AG AdabasNatural Community Edition"
%ADAINS-I-DIREXIST: Directory exists - "C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas"
%ADAINS-I-CREDISUC: Created directory C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth.
%ADAINS-I-CREDISUC: Created directory C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\log.
%ADAINS-I-CREFISUC: File successfully created - "C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth\adaauth.ini".
%ADAINS-I-CREFISUC: File successfully created - "C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth\adaaudit.ini".
%ADAINS-I-CREFISUC: File successfully created - "C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth\adarbac.ini".
%ADAINS-I-ERRDIR: An error occurred while changing permissions on C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\auth.

10:32:12 info com.softwareag.ada.install.utils.FunctionsForADAInstallation.executeShellCommand:76 > Std Err:    

10:32:12 error com.softwareag.ada.install.utils.CallConfigBat.runCallConfigBat:26 > Error executing adaconfig.bat
10:32:12 error APP_ERROR> com.softwareag.ada.install.ADApostInstallWindowsPGPanel.executePanel:106 > : Error during execution of adaconfig.bat
10:32:12 info com.softwareag.ada.install.ADApostInstallWindowsPGPanel.executePanel:113 > End of executing adaconfig.bat

{ ----- logfile paste end ------- }

Any ideas what went wrong are welcome.

Thank you in advance

Best regards Hannes

I’ve two questions:

What is the version of a binary in this package? You will get this information, if you

  • select an exe file (e.g adarep.exe) in the folder "C:\AdabasNaturalCE\Adabas",

  • open the property dialog and

  • select the Detail tab.

Could you also please post the file C:\AdabasNaturalCE\Adabas\INSTALL\logs\config.log"?

Best Regards