problems after system crash

Hello, after a system crash of our linux box it seems that tamino v441 has problem to start again. trying to connect and start the system with inoadmin is extremely slow and gives timeouts. i was able to start one of the databases, but for the other ones i get a timeout message or no result at all. (the browser says :transfering data from localhost … done, but database symbol is still red) . the system load is very high. the processes with use most of the cpu time are “dbagentinov441” and a process with name “44102e937c3-93c7-1”(??). does this one belongs to tamino ? what can i do to start/repair databases when inoadmin is not working ? thank you. uweK

if you can locate the binary of the process 44102e937c3-93c7-1, you can apply the “sagver” program to it to find out more about the process. Concerning the crash, please try the following: remove all files below $SAG/common/arg/log/events. Retry. If this does not work, move $SAG/common/rgs/REGFILE to a different name, and move $SAG/common/rgs/REGFILEbck to $SAG/common/rgs/REGFILE. Retry. If this does not help, please move the files back and contact your local support organization. Regards Harald