Problem XApplication and Applet

I am using XApplication and I wrote an applet to vizualize in a current way the dokuments stored in Tamino. The applet is used as a plug-in in the way described in XApplication documentation. The problem is that if applet is running on one computer it cannot run on other.
The applet is not included in the page but runs independent.

Can you please give me some advise how to solve that problem.


hello krassy,

can you clarify a bit further on what you are doing and how you are doing it.
what exactly do you mean by: applet is running on one but cannot run on other computer? is there a specific error message? please describe your scenario as precisely as possible.

btw: are your problems possibly caused by the limitations that applets have due to the sandbox they are running in?

andreas f.

hello andreas

The Tamino is on a server and I am making http connection to it. The data is syntactic trees (sentances) in xml documents. I am using Xquery to search in the Tamino and the resul is set of sentances (A documen have more than one sentance in it). The applet is using Graphics2 to draw a sentance in a window. When a one sentance is visualized and i try to visualize a second one a second window appears but it is empty. The drawing is done after the first window is closed. There are no error messages at all.

If there is another user from a different computer wich wants to visualize sentance. The applet window appears on the computer which first has used the drawing. It is empty again if there is already opened visualization window. When the first window is closed the sentance is drawn. - The sentanse is requested one from the second computer.

I don’t thing that problems are "caused by the limitations that applets have due to the sandbox they are running in " but I am not sure.

Best krassy

hello krassy,

can you - for example in a textbox - visualize the answers received from the server, so that you can determine why exactly the subsequent queries fail. there are just too many possibilities where that might be.

an alternative approach would be to trace the http communication with a perl script ‘httpsniffer’ - available, or, if you are using tamino version 4.2, the RequestLog.

have you tried to invoke an identical sequence of database commands/queries outside the applet (for example in the interactive interface)?

andreas f.