Problem with two similar document types


I have a question about a situation I have with a new xCBL integration, but can happens with any other xml formats.

In our 6.5 WM, we have a doc type ‘xCBL 3.0 Order Request’ created and we have some customers using it. Each customer send us their identifier in the same path, so in the Extract tab, the SenderID is defined with that path, and after the good processing rule can be triggered. In the options tab, the xCBL schema is defined to format transaction data.

Now, we have a new integration with xCBL 3.5. First thing I noticed, those documents are really similar and I can’t find a way to distinguish them and create a new document type ‘xCBL 3.5 Order Request’. Secondly, that new customer send us its identifier in a different path.

For the document type, I wanted to update the ‘xCBL 3.0 Order Request’ to ‘xCBL 3.x …’ and update the schema as 3.5 since all the 3.0 fields are existing on 3.5 But how can I handle the SenderID recognition with multiple xml path? I can’t create a new document type only for that customer as an exception as the result will be an ambiguous document type found…

Thanks for your help

I believe TN should accept different doc type versions based on the schema you set under the Options and handled by the C1 adapter?

Do you see any version info/certain different attributes coming in the DTD/XML so it can be used as identifiers extraction for 3.5 doctype?


No, there is no version identifier in all xCBL documents we receive and no information about the format. Currently, the only rule we have to identify the document type is the root xml tag.


Did you check this already and steps below to handle diff versions in TNC?

Import Document Type Definitions into Trading Networks

Trading Networks uses document type definitions to recognize documents and route
them to the appropriate processing rules. The WmMarketConnectTN package provides
definitions for every xCBL Version 3.5, 3.0, and 2.0 r3 document type; each definition is
based on the root tag of the document. You can import the document type definition for
each xCBL document you are going to send to Trading Networks for processing.
The document type definitions are located in the Integration Server\packages
WmMarketConnectTN\config\xCBL35, xCBL30, and xCBL20 directories and in the files
xCBL35.tnf, xCBL30.tnf, and xCBL20r3.tnf. You can import all document type definitions
for a particular version, or you can import only the document type definitions you need.
See the Trading Networks documentation for instructions on importing document types.
If you want Trading Networks to determine the version of an incoming xCBL document,
you can set up the document type definition to extract the first root node in the document
(that is, the document type header or the SOX header).
Create a Processing Rule for Sending Envelopes
webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite User’s Guide Version 3.0 ! ! ! 113
The WmMarketConnectTN package associates each document type definition with the
corresponding record structure in the WmxCBL package. When Trading Networks calls a
service such as to get the xCBL document from an
envelope and return it as a record, you do not have to identify the record structure for the
Use the C1 OnRamp Test Send/Receive utility to make sure Trading Networks can
recognize xCBL documents using the document type definitions you imported. (See “Test
a Service that Sends, Receives, or Processes Envelopes on page 45 for instructions.)


Thanks for your last post, unfortunately I will have time to work again on that issue only next monday… I will let you know


Not a problem…pls keep the forum posted :slight_smile:

Any resolution you success on this?