Problem with Tamino Insatll on Internet Build Solaris 9


We have been using Tamino on Solaris 9 for almost a year now, but now we are trying to install the same on a Internet Built of Solaris (i.e some of the Solaris pkgs are filtered out for some security reasons).

The installation does not complete and gets stuck executing the following command

:Executing Configure Argus with: ‘/bin/sh’ and ‘/app/ce/sag/tamino/common/arg/bin/argcfg input_file=/app/ce/sag/tamino/ino/v4141/INSTALL/tamino_agents.xml overwrite=yes’

But I see all the Tamino processes running
Errors noticed
1. When I am able to login to 9991 SMH GUI
but cannot even expand the HOST node.

Error : Invalid Session or session time out.

2. When I execute the argbatch command in the terminal
Error: Batch Agent not found or error in the batch agent on host XXXXX

Please let me know if I can check waht are teh Solais pkgs taht are needed by Tamino that I could request my System Admin to add to this Internet Build of Solaris.


More info regardingthe issue.

When I try to executethe same command from the terminal

# pwd
# ./argcfg input_file=/app/ce/sag/tamino/ino/v4141/INSTALL/tamino_agents.xml
Configuration function “Add_Admin” failed with return code 8
# ls