URGENT: Complete list of Solaris packages needed for Tamino


Can someone provide me with a list of all Solaris-9 packages needed for Tamino for both Installation and also for it to successfully run after installtion too.

Or may be with a list of libraries and binaries
needed will also do.

I am trying to install on a filtered version of Solaris-9 and the installation stops at line

:Executing Configure Argus with: ‘/bin/sh’ and '/app/ce/sag/tamino/common/arg/bin/argcfg input_file=/app/ce/sag/tamino/ino/v4141/INSTALL/tamino_agents.xml overwrite=yes’

Teh installation just stops here and does not throw any message about any missing library or binary files.

Any clue or pointers will be greatly appreciate.


Hello Naga,

as I can see that you have several questions reagarding Tamino installation I would like to ask you to contact your Tamino Support Center as soon as possible.
This here is the Customer Tamino Community.
If you need product support you should better contact your Tamino Support Center. If you should not know how to contact them, please send me your company name/address. Then I will arrange erverything.

Thanks and kind regards,