Problem with endpoint url behind apache proxy

Hi all,

I have a very simple webservice deployed on tomcat server. This service is then virtualized using Centrasite/mediator.

The Integration server containing the mediator package is not accessible from the external network. All requests coming from internet are handled by an apache http server configured as a proxy. I use proxypass directives in apache conf file to access the exposed wsdl.

No problem to access the wsdl using the proxy, but I notice that the soap:address location always stays :

I would like an endpoint address in the wsdl that refers to the http proxy address as the integration server is not directly accessible from internet.

Could you please tell me how I can solve that problem ?

Thancks !

Hi all,

I have already tried to adjust the httpFrontendHost parameter in the axis2.xml according to the proxy server public url, but it doesn’t seem to correct the problem.

I’m sure somebody has already encountered that problem.

Could you please tell me how I can fix that ?

Ok, I can achieve this modifying the port address property of my provider wsd, but now how to do the same thing for a centrasite virtualized service ?