Problem TEXTOUT - png


if I use the textout control and want to display some png images, these images have a grey background although they are configured to display a transparent background.
Using the icon control insted, this problem seems to be solved: no grey background is displayed.

Is there a possibility to make the background in the textout control transparent, too? It’s a bit complicated to make several icon controls visible or not.

Thanks for advice in advance.

IE has a bug in PNG handling. Transparency is shown as grey background.
Do you really have the icon control show the same png in the same browser?

Yes, the same icon in the same adapter and xml file. This works fine.

I also called the application with firefox - no problem. The png files are displayed correctly - unlike ms ie.

Hi “hjo”,

we currently do not recommend the usage of png due to the problem mentioned by Rene. Good news: IE 7.0 will support PNG properly (at least that’s what MS announces).

Please do not use the TEXTOUT for passing HTML text. Use the IMAGEOUT or for special cases the IHTML for this purpose. Background: you may know that we also provide for a SWT client which will have problems when there is non-text info inside the property to be displayed.