Button & Icon - different behavior regarding method exec


currently we are facing the following issue: the execution behavior of an adapter method is different, depending on whether an icon or a button is used:

Example 1: Textfield with icon close to the text field; the user populates the text field, and presses the icon → in the adapter method the value provided by the user is not synchronized when executing the method → null will be the value of the field in the adapter representation. Only if a “tab” for instance is executed after populating the field, the value will be available in the method… :frowning:

Example 2: a button is used instead of the icon → synchronizatrion of field value to the adapter works fine, value is available when executing the method!

Now the question: is there a way of changin this dangerous behavior of icons? Is this behavior “wanted” for some reason? Did anybody manage to create a workaround for this issue?

Thanx, Florian!

Hi Florian,

just for understand: does the textfield have own flush behavior (ie do you use FLUSH attribute)?. An XML snippet (textfield,icon) would be great…


Hi Martin,

no - the field is used with the “default” behavior. Actually I forgot to mention the most important point regarding this issue in my last post: the behavior occurs only if the focus is still in the field, in other words if the cursor “is still blinking in the field…”;

all the other fields are synchronized perfectly - sorry for not having mentioned this…

we tried all types of flush behaviors for the “blinking” field, but none of them solves the problem.

Cheers, Florian!

…okay! - it is very likely that your problem is solved after applying Update package 2 for version 2.3. Download is available at “servLine24” - the SAG support and service system.

Hope it helps! Martin

…great patch! Martin, your help really saved us lots of time - thank you!

Cheers, Florian…