Problem starting Adabas DB

Having trouble starting an Adabas DB (Version: ‘KERNEL 6.2.10 Build 038-000-000-000’) on Windows 2000 Server SP4.

Using XControl, state is “COLD” - restart / warm. After a few seconds I get this error:

“-20035 Remote SQL Server could not be started”

Found a log file which has the following in it, though I’ve no idea if this is a red herring or not:

" 18258 REQUESTOR is rejecting connect request
ERR 19617 Could not find account name, Location: 1, rc = 1788

We always have a problem when the server is rebooted - the Adabas DB never comes back up.

This is running alongside SAP. I’ve virtually no experience of Adabas, so have no idea how it should be set up. The Adabas service is set to Manual, and the SAP and SAPOSCOL services are set to start automatically. I don’t know if there’s any order these should start up. I’d have thought if anything, the DB should be first, then the two SAP Services. All services will start and none complain of login failures.

Is what I’m trying to do in XControl the same as the Adabas NT Service?

After the -20035 message is displayed, I select continue - it takes a minute or so to come to the next screen which gives:

19628 ERROR: Time out, SERVERDB is not responding.

The State has now changed to “OFFLINE” - this minutes delay seems to start up the NT Adabas service if I’ve not started it.

Another error I’ve only just noticed is in the Event Viewer:

XServer :

  • ERROR TID: 0x754 PID: 0x184 MsgID: 19523
    Service ‘XServer’ not installed

I’ve looked back in the Event Viewer and this did appear back in April, though the DB has been up since then.

Apologies for the long question - I’ve tried Googling it but there’s virtually nothing there.

Apologies if this is not the right forum for this question!


1.) This is an Adabas D question, thus should be in

2.) Create an “Adabas Operators” user group as per the documentation to solve your 19617 error