Problem regarding the install


I’m trying to install BMPS Trial Edition but I’ve an issue when I try to run the step #6 of the install procedure:

The environment is as follow:

  • OS: Windows Server 2012
    RDBMS: SQL Server 2012
    JRE: version 1.8.45
    User account: Administrator

Herewith a screenshot of the Administrator Shell I got.

Thanks in advance

Hello Elodie,

I am sorry that you had to wait so long for a reply. For some reason the notification mechanism for the forum failed me and now I am trying to catch up on all of the messages that had been sitting here unattended.
I will ask one of my colleagues to take a look.


Hi Elodie,

  1. Please extract the downloaded ZIP file to another folder but C:\SoftwareAG and continue with setup steps.
    As that folder is the default installation root this will lead to conflicts when running “grexec BpmsTrial -setup”

  2. If still not working: please invoke following commands after calling \bin\setenv.bat :
    and provide result to us. Note that especially the environment variable GROOVY_LIB should be listed.

Best regards

Hi Elodie,

pls assert also that you are using a JDK rather than a JRE.

Best regards,