Problem installing portlet developer plugin for eclipse

Hi wmusers,

I’m quite new to Portal/MwS and the last couple days I’ve been trying to install the portletDeveloper plugin for Eclipse. I have a running Portal server (6.5) to which I can log in, and Eclipse (3.4 JRE 6.0) is working fine. I’ve read the documentation and could execute the installation to the point where I have to install the plugins from the portal server (using http://serverIP:8080/portletDeveloper3 as plugin site). I get an error message that eclipse can’t find any repository.

I’ve checked some older threads (here and on Advantage), so I already tried the following:
-enable/disable proxy in Eclipse
-replaced the IP by the server alias
-I’ve searched for portletDeveloper3.war in the Portal directory, but it isn’t there
-I’ve tried to surf directly to http://serverIP:8080/portletDeveloper3 and I get the following Portal error “[POP.007.0006] Requested content was not found: “/portletDeveloper3/””

All this made me think that there is maby something wrong with my installation. Did anyone have the same problems and if it is a installation problem what did I do wrong? Can I maybe download and install the plugins directly in the eclipse plugins folder?

Many thanks in advance for any kind of help,