Problem after switching from Sysdeo to Eclipse Webtools Pla.

We recently switched from Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin to Lomboz (Eclipse Webtools Platform). With Sysdeo everything works nice, it maps the Eclipse Project directly to server.xml of tomcat. But now there is a problem with CAI, WTP uses a .deployables folder, and the stuff of webproject is copied to this folder and the servlet.xml maps the .deployables folder.

First attempt, change nothing:
SEVERE: Error loading WebappClassLoader
delegate: false
----------> Parent Classloader:

Tomcat doesn’t start correct.

Second attempt, use the cis.home parameter and that it to ‘original’ path:

Tomcat starts correct and the HTMLBasedGUI finds its projects, but the preview ends with 404, because the preview page isn’t in the .deployables folder it’s in the ‘original’ folder.

Third attempt, use the cis.home parameter and set it to the .deployables path :

Tomcat starts correct and the HTMLBasedGUI finds its projects, preview works.
But if a layout is change, the change is overwritten with the next deployment, because the copied files the .deployable folder are changed and not the ‘original’ in the project folder.

Is there a solution for this problem?


After you created a new Web project you must set default output folder to WebContent\WEB-INF\classes directory and do not forget to copy whole CAI project under WebContent directory.
I also recommend not to add your project to Tomcat directly.Instead of this you should add your project as external web module.This way works more efficiently.Otherwise eclipse restarts Tomcat on any change.
And instead of using “JavaSource” folder of your web projects as base java source folder , create different java projects and redirect their output folder to yourCAIProject\appclasses\classes directory.(CAI classloader checks this directory first) .
Finaly set your tomcat server’s http port to 51000.By this way you can use CAI eclipse plugin easyly.
I hope this helps.We use eclipse 3.1 and WTP and we don’t have any problem.
Good luck