Developing with Eclipse Web Tools Platform

I’m planning with Eclipse Web Tools Platform, are there any tips how to handle that?

My setup is a glassfish server (the servlet engine of glassfish is tomcat) and subclipse for code versioning.

I can imagin several problem:

1)I’ll create a “Simple Web Project” when I deploy that to glassfish, it will take lots of time because WTP must package all the small files of “casabac”, this number is even doubled or tripled through subversion, and these files are also deployed (how to excluded subversion files from deployment)?

2)When I change files on the server, they are not change in my workspace, because it works on the deployed copies. How to get theses changes back into the workspace?

3)After changing a adapter code, must I redeploy the hole “casabac” project?

4)After changing a EJB in the same workspace, and hitting the deploy button, is the hole “Simple Web Project” also deployed?

5)Due to the big number of files (dubled through subversion) it take a long time to commit to or update from the repository, is there a trick to speedup that?