Deployment without HTMLBasedGUI possible?


If I delete the HTMLBasedGUI my CAI Projects stop working.
After deleting the HTMLBasedGUI directory (I don’t want to deploy it to a customer) the first request to a CAI ‘page’ ends with a 404,
HTTP Status 404 - /PROJEKTNAME/HTMLBasedGUI/general/aboutBlank.html
not found.
With HTMLBasedGUI directory everything works fine.

Can CAI Projects only be deployed with the Development environment?


…took some time to answer, but nevertheless:
HTMLBasedGUI is required - but not every part. There is an ANT-script avaiable for building the runtime WAR - including HTMLBasedGUI but excluding all parts that have to do with the design tools.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

	Example ANT script for building a .war file.
<project name="Build WAR file for project" default="buildwar">

	<!-- Project description -->
  	<description>Build war file for project</description>

	<!-- Property definitions -->
  	<property name="webapp.dir"   value="C:\bmu\testv14\tomcat\webapps\cis"/> <!-- location of the development webapp -->
  	<property name="tomcat.dir"   value="C:\bmu\DevTools\Tomcat"/>            <!-- tomcat installation -->
  	<property name="" value="cisdataaccess"/>         		      <!-- name of the project within CAI -->
  	<property name="copy.dir"     value="c:/temp/buildwarbyant"/> 		      <!-- directory that is used for temp copying -->
  	<property name=""     value="test.war"/> 				  	      <!-- name of war file -->
	<!-- Property definitions, properties taht are resolved -->
  	<property name="project.dir" value="${webapp.dir}/${}"/>

	<!-- path definitions -->
	<path id="run.classpath">
	    <fileset dir="${webapp.dir}/WEB-INF/lib">
	        <include name="**/**.jar"/>
	<!-- Republishing of HTML files in project -->
	<target name="generatehtml" description="Regenerate HTML files of project">
	    <mkdir dir="${project.dir}/log"/>
		<java classname="com.softwareag.cis.gui.generate.HTMLGeneratorWholeDirectory" classpathref="run.classpath">
			<sysproperty key="cis.home" value="${webapp.dir}/"/>
			<sysproperty key="javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory" value="org.apache.crimson.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl"/>
			<arg value="${project.dir}/xml"/>
			<arg value="${project.dir}"/>
			<arg value="${project.dir}/log"/>
			<arg value="${project.dir}/accesspath"/>

	<!-- copy files into copy.dir -->
	<target name="copyfiles" depends="generatehtml" description="Copy Files">
		<delete failonerror="false">
    		<fileset dir="${copy.dir}"/>
	    <mkdir dir="${copy.dir}"/>
	    <!-- copy required directories -->
	  	<copy todir="${copy.dir}/cis"><fileset dir="${webapp.dir}/cis"/></copy>
	  	<copy todir="${copy.dir}/META-INF"><fileset dir="${webapp.dir}/META-INF"/></copy>
	  	<copy todir="${copy.dir}/WEB-INF"><fileset dir="${webapp.dir}/WEB-INF"/></copy>
	  	<copy todir="${copy.dir}/HTMLBasedGUI">
	  		<fileset dir="${webapp.dir}/HTMLBasedGUI"
                     excludes="**/*com.softwareag.cis.editor*"/> <!-- no tools -->
	  	<!-- copy project directory -->
	  	<copy todir="${copy.dir}/${}"><fileset dir="${webapp.dir}/${}"/></copy>
	<!-- build war file -->
	<target name="buildwar" depends="copyfiles" description="Build WAR file">
		<jar destfile="${}" basedir="${copy.dir}">

I’m even later.

It is excellent to have such a script. Nevertheless, I have some questions:

  • [list]
    Is it still valid, as of 2.1?
    Is it actively maintained?
    Couldn’t we add this to the distribution? Or place it on another location where it it possible to watch the maintenance?