Problem in sending 3A4R message. 504 Gateway Time-out. Help.

Hi all,

When I send a 3A4R message to our one partner, I always get this error,

In service HTTP failed with following error: In service wm.ip.trp:http: HTTP retry 0 of 0: HTTP connection to URL https:// failed with following error: 504 Gateway Time-out [ESIPRT.000020.000023] Unable to establish communication with the trading partner : [ESIPRT.000020.000012

But no problem with other partners.
Could you please tell me how we can resolve this problem?

Zhang JingZhe

Please try to check the partner certificate. Maybe Customer’s partner server had the expired cert.

it’s more like network issue.
Try to do telnet test from your server box
if works, try browser test, may get more info.