Ediint pubclienthttp javanetConnectException Connection refused

Our ediint delivery service uses pub.client.http to post ediint data to the partner’s URI. This service is just fine for all partners except for one partner it is failing. When i step thru the delivery service, the pub.client.http service FAILS and doesnt give any http response code but the following error message is captured in getLastError service
java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information.
I am wondering is this an issue with Partner Server or something else. If this is a partner server problem, should not i be seeing some bad http response code? why is pub.client.http service failing?

Suggestions highly appreciated.



You should use the wm.EDIINT:send gateway service to post EDIINT AS1/AS2 messages.
Can you tell what is the reason behind of using pub.client:http service?



Thanks for your quick response.
Yes wm.EDIINT.send service is used too. However wm.EDIINT.send service just creates the ediint doc out of edi data and drops in TN. Later processing rule gets kicked off and invokes wm.EDIINT.rules:deliveryDocument service. One of the steps of this service is pub.client.http that posts the ediint data to partner. This http service FAILS in this case as mentioned in my previous post.

I am still looking for any hints.


Thanks,it Make sense now…Sorry for diverting your original problem.

Regarding Connection error it seems like the target server might be down,Please contact the network admin to do a snifer check on the wm server installed location (OSlevel) and i think you might have contacted your trading partner side to make sure their server is UP.


The message you are getting is from the partner server. As RMG mentioned either partner server is down or some network problem.


You ca also look into firewall issues at the partner side as.