Problem in Pipeline Variables

Hi Experts,

I’m Using Webmethod 4.6, Developer 4.6, Trading Network 4.6, TN Console 4.5.1, EDI 4.6 and EDIforTN 4.6 in my system

When I’m sending a EDI document using EDIforTN i’m not getting the following pipeline variables
Values, editn_grp, editn_xtn. I’m getting the rest of the information.

I had followed the Steps as specified in EDIforTN User guide chapert 4.

Any help on this will be highly appriciated.

Thanks in Advance

I believe you are using builtin services to post the edi document to TN with passing $edidata variable.

IF you have used any of the above servicesthat post edi document(edidata) to TN, you will be definetely see all variables in Pipeline including Envelope,group,transaction set (edi_xtn).

Just make sure again that you are sending $edidata to TN.

Hi Rama,

I’m using service to send the EDI data. I had tried from Developer and aslo from WmEDIforTN homepage(selecting Submit a Sample). But still i’m not getting the Values, Group and Transaction set output variables in pipeline.


That means i believe your Group Envelope section(GCEnvelope) and Transaction set might be having some compliance errors(means not in the format according to the used edi template).

So my suggesion is pls make a compliance check using built in service (processEnvelope)in edi package, before you sending the edi document to TN ( or

With this builtin service you can validate the final edi document with Error True or False.

If Errors is false then your edi document is formatted well according to delimiters and segments.

After you tested the edi document you disable the service processEnvelope.