problem in flat file


I have one coma seprated file csv file with input like.


i have created one table in oracle.with name,age,dob,gender.

i wan to put above input into database.

I have gone throw pdf and came to know we required schema for professing of flatfile.

In schema in flatfiledefination
in record position
at character i have choosen newline

and in field
at character i have given ,

and save the schema.

while saving it give error like flat file schema has no record define.

i have doubt what information i have to give in record . and what process i have to follow for insterting the above data into database.

with regards

hi sgour
this is pretty simple flatfile to process i guess…u have to create a schema ,with one record and name it recordWithNoID and make it as occuring unlimited times.
and create 4 fields in the record name , Age , Date and sex.
and in the record definitions specify new line and field definition is “,”
and i guess this should be enough to make ur schema work fine .