Definition of Flat File Schema

Hello, is it possible that anyone could help me out, I was trying to read this file below:

WO,1821,Baryon,IT,Deliver great quality IT Services,Excelence,1,New Company,Working Abroad,Core Bussines based on Integration,Working Mainly with WebMethods,(John,Andrew,Lucifer,Carl,Arnold)
JOB,123,I,01/02/2011 15:25:00,Create Company,1.45342,2.34321
JOB,234,I,25/10/2011 15:25:00,Hire Employees,345.234,342.123
JOB,345,I,18/12/2011 19:56:00,Start Working,234.341,2342.123

Basically I have a record WO, that has various fields, but one of them is a List of names, and the size of list can change, the only thing we know is that its inside the brackets.

What is the definition type for this case for the Flat File Schema?
Is it another record?
Or just a field with n size, althow I can’t find this option.

The problem on beeing a record is that I have to put a TAG before each name…


I do not know if I am right or wrong, but try keeping as a composite field and flat file as a variable length delimiter type.
Hope you can understand my explanation.


Yes try with composite field definition as mentioned above for the list of fields on the parent field: