Flat File Fixed Length


I am new in webmethods and really appreciates if you can help me on resolving my issue in creating flatfile schema with a format like below.
the first 2 characters in first line is Header Code(01) and the succeeding lines are detail (02)

Please help how can I make schema for this in fixed length.
Thanks in advance

0120 0001012576 CNTR#NYKU4201609 2015/05/20 00:00:00 TRANSGROUP
010350-001-110E 18
010370-000-110E 8
020370-001-110E 16
020500-932-110E 23
02094400-0000-245E 1
02094900-0000-245E 18
021050-025-100E 60
021055-003-110E 12
021060-025-100E 60
021150-000-110E 108
021150-001-110E 108
021170-000-110E 120
021170-001-110E 120
021430-001-110E 64
021450-300-110E 150
021500-509-000E 30
021500-518-000E 600
021510-001-110E 4
021560-000-110E 24
021630-000-110E 30
021630-001-110E 12
021630-510-000E 24
021690-001-110E 84
021720-000-110E 30
021720-001-110E 15
021750-001-110E 55
022250-010-110E 96
022340-358-000E 48


Were you able to fix this by FF schema? For me the FF structure looks complex.

Hello Arvin,

The structure of the flatfile is not consistent across all the Line.
It is worth to check with the end system about the structure and identifiers if any.

If the structure is consistent, then below are the steps to be followed

1.Flat file Dictionary should be created for Header and Line Records

  1. You can create 1st record as header[Record Definition with Max repeat1] and remaining as child records[max repeat unlimited]. These records should be created as a reference from flat file dictionary.

Hope it helps.