Flat File Schema creation

Hi everyone,
Need clarification on the below requirement.
Must create a flat file schema with the following specifications:
→ Inside a single record we have different record subgroups.These groups doesn’t have any record identifiers(record definition).
The number of times the record subgroups must get created depends on the run time value of the previous field present in the schema.
Can someone please let me know on how to proceed further.


Hi Raj,

can you share some more details please?

which Version of webMethods?

A sample file content and an outline of the resulting document type.


Please find the details below:

Consider HDR is a record.Inside HDR we have various sub-groups such as
HDR/Line Item
HDR/Container group
Structure will be like
Field 1

Field 39
HDR/Container group(no record identifier)
HDR/Container group/Field1
Field 40

The number of occurrences of HDR/Container group/Field1 depends on the run time value of Field 39(the previous field).
If field 39 has the value 4,then the field HDR/Container group/Field1 must repeat 4 times.
Here the record delimiter is same for all fields.So ideally the values will get populated consecutively
and the value of HDR/Container group/Field1 wont get repeated 4 times.

Sample data
HDR 00754800159 38829500/EX/A//10052016////1/IT02175200480/SALVATORE FERRAGAMO SPA/VIA DEI TORNABUONI 2/50123/FIRENZE/IT///MX0/FERRAGAMO MEXICO S.DE R.L./EDGAR ALLAN POE NO.119 PISO 2/11560/DEL. MIGUEL HIDALGO/MX//3/IT00754800159/DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING SPA/VIA PONTE ALL’ASSE 12/50019/OSMANNORO SESTO F.INO/IT//IT/MX/CAMION-//IT/0/CFR/3/MEXICO////IT////MXN/169623.47/20.62300/11/4/3//IT307100//2166051152223/////SESTO F.INO/1/2/3/4/5/1////////////////////////////////////////////08082016/
Can you please help on this.