Flat file schema

How to create a flatfile schema ?

The structure of flat file is like this:
File hedaer 00(record ID)
Batch header 01( record Id)
Batch records 03(record ID).
There are several batch records but the fields in all the batch records are different but have the same record ID which is 03)

Plesae suggest how to create a schema for this?

What Type Of Flat File Is this (Coma separated,Fixed Length or Variable Lenght).

I think You can handle like this.

-----00 (Record Definition)
----01 (Record Definition)
----03 (Record Definition)
----031 (Field Definition)
----032(Field Definition)
----033(Field Definition)

Hope This will work.

Thanks & Regards

Adding info to above:

-----00 (Record Definition)(maxRepeat=single)
------->01 (Record Definition)(maxRepeat=single)
--------->03 (Record Definition) (maxRepeat=unlimited)–repeats
------------>031 (Field Definition)
------------>032(Field Definition)
------------>033(Field Definition)

Test FF and see if this works…


Please see the highlighted records with record ids 03 of my file.

0056 0001310080000015100000002 0000000
0156 0001310080072015100000001 0000000
0356 0 00000000001131008131008007214011 30000030000001
0356 828700011314002XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, S.L. 0000001
0356 003QWERTY COMERCIAL, S/N 0000001

0356 00436900 MARIN-ROAD 0000001
0656 0100000002769660151000165009909350900000000001

Here, as you can see the structure of my fourth and fifth 03 records (in red are different), although their length are same.In the solution provided by you , you have asked to create field definitions 031,032 which is incorrect as the requirement is “different 03 record definitions”.Please suggest a way out

The flatfile data you have posted is with Record Identifier… In the above example, you have 3 record identifiers

File Header 00 or 0056
Batch Header 01 or 0156
Batch Record 03 or 0356

You can create a flatfile schema with record identifier, if all the Batch Record holds the same value as record identifier, and same structure (field separators like ,|-; etc., should differentiate fields)… What is that 0656… Is that another record ?

For example, data should look like

0056 headerfield1 headerfield2 headerfield3 - field separator space ( )
0156 batchfield1 batchfield2 batchfield3 - field separator space ( )
0356 recordfield1,recordfield2,recordfield3 - field separator ,
0356 recordfield1,recordfield2,recordfield3
0356 recordfield1,recordfield2,recordfield3
0356 recordfield1,recordfield2,recordfield3
0356 recordfield1,recordfield2,recordfield3


Hi All,

can we create the flat File schema or dictionary automatically rather then manually creation process for huge number of records and fields



nope… all records and fields are required to be entered manually ( :smiley: )while creating flatfile dictionary/schema