Unable to create Flatfile Schema


I have an XML document. I have to convert it to a Flatfile (.UTF)
The Flatfile should not have any delimiters. Each record should be separated by a newline. It is a kind of EDI document - EDI/4 to be consumed by bank.

Each record is having both fixed length and variable length fields.

Is there any way to create a Flatfile schema which satisfy the need ( Fixed length and variable length).

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Do anyone had faced similar requirement, and had succeeded, please share your suggestions here.



When talking about fixed length fields files, it usually means the fields do not have a field separator character between them.

So you cannot have a file which holds fixed and variable length fields.

Maybe you need certain fields to always have a certain length, which are the joined with a field separator character?
For that, you could try to pad/trim the values to enforce the field size.

Would you mind sharing a possible file description of what you are aiming for?

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Thanks for your reply.

Let me explain the flatfile structure I want to create.

I have to create a flat file whose structure should look like below.

I will get all the data from an XML. I need to convert it like below flatfile .

Rec1- fixedfixedfixed08variablefixedfixed
Rec2- fixedfixedfixed00fixedfixed

Fixed-----Fixed length field
Variable—Variable length field, whose length will be determined by the preceding field of variable field.
08—8 Bytes
00–0 Bytes
It contains No record Identifiers.

There is a field in between the record which specifies the size of the following variable field. If it is 00, means no variable field. Then the next fixed fields should shift positions back as in Record 2.

Could you please suggest how to define a ffschema for these kind of files.

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Ah this looks like a very undefined file structure you are looking for but I hope user’s here might have deal such kind and look forward and may require more R&D will need to see if there is a way to handle this kind of custom FF schema solution for parsing.