Problem importing WSDL with XSD

I was given a WSDL with references to separate XSD files. There is a problem creating a consumer WSDL either with Developer or SOAPui. Does anyone here have any idea how to include the XSD files?

Not only that, I found out that the wsdl that I want to import as a consumer webservice descriptor in wM7.1 is referencing another wsdl file!

What should I do in such a case?

What is the error that you get when you try to use this WSDL? the schemas that the WSDL is referring, are they on the same directory as the WSDL itself?


I have attached the files. The wsdl with problem is CourierBulkSubmitProcess.wsdl. (3.76 KB)

Just saw your wsdl file. Observed below things…

–CourierBulkSubmitProcess.wsdl is importing “wsdl/RuntimeFault.wsdl” --I think it should be just RuntimeFault.wsdl

–CourierBulkPorcessingParameters.xsd- is importing threee more XSDs.Get theses xsds and put in the same folder