Problem getting results for createDocumentQuery

Hi All,

I’m trying to develop a service that will Resubmit the TN Documents.
In that service i’m using and

For the service, I’m giving only the SenderID, receiverid and timeinterval as the inputs. The problem is i’m not getting any results for these inputs. But if I give the InternalDocId then i’m getting the results.

Is the InternalDocId necessary? the PDF doc says its optional though.

whatelse can I do if the problem persists?

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Hi Nandan

The fields which you see for are nothing but , the fields which you extract in the extended tab-> Document Type tab in TN. These are the fields you find in transaction log. Try to exract the fiels from your document and the same can be queried in the service

If you have other fields to query like senderID, receiverId & document Id ,you donot need to mention InternalDocId.


Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for your help, thats working fine now.

Have one more query,
The TN Document I’m getting has no timestamp, can i use the “Date Received” as seen in the Transaction Analysis as an attribute, to go with the “attribs” in the input of the
In other words can i use the “Date Received” as an Attribute?

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you can specify the attibutes that you want to retrieve from TN also bizdoc Envelope should give you all the info.