Printer applet not connecting - Error 5000

Hi all,

We’re using the Applinx printer applet to enable users to establish a printer session from their local machine. After the applet downloads, I get the following error…" Error connecting to Server : 5000 - HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error "
I’ve checked everything I can and all appears correct(web.xml configured property for the listerner, pointing to correct servers ports etc.) I also CAN connect to the same printer session directly from the Applinx server.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the applet isn’t working?

Printlet Error.doc (93.5 KB)

Hi Jarad,
Is the Applinx server and web server installed on the same machine?
The applet can only talk with the server that it is downloaded from.
If this is the case and the servers installed on different machines you should use the applet redirector.

Hi Asaf,

The Applinx Server is on a different server. So we are using the redirector and as far as I can tell, it is configured property. (the listener is specified correctly in web.xml).
Does error 5000 typically mean we can’t connect to the applinx server? Web server? Whatever you can find out is appreciated.


Did you upgrade your Applinx version?
It sounds like a potential bug,
So please open support request for this issue and we will deal with that in the right channels.