Configuration to select a local printer with ApplinX AS/400

What´s the configuration to select a local printer using ApplinX v8.1.1 and AS/400 (iSeries v5.4 IBM).

The documentation of product doesn´t describe it.

I need to make a configuration en my AS/400 and I don´t know how to do.

Anybody how to do it?

Error ApplinX 19 abril 2010 [Seleccionar impresora local].doc (535 KB)

Asdrubal, try reading about the Printer Session in help.

Please see the doc. Thanks

Asdrubal, I was not able to recreate your problem, however, it seems that the param name in your run_printlet.jsp is not closed
quote from your file:
param name=“userid” value="Administrator
should be
param name=“userid” value=“Administrator”
Could that be a problem?