Preventing conversion into ASCII characters from chinese characters in the MQ


How to prevent convertion of data from chinese characters to ASCII characters when the particular message is retrieved from the queue?

Brief Description:

The source application is inserting message into MQ with chinese characters. When we fetch the same message from MQ , the chinese charcaters are converting into ASCII characters at the application level. I have tried by making convert application data to false but if no use.

If the source application sends message with CCSID as 1208 it works fine. But it is out of scope in our proj. since it is difficult to set CCSID for each incoming message.

If anybody having idea on how to prevent conversion in webMethods without changing CCSID, please let me know.

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Shriraksha A N

This is not a “conversion” issue. It is a character set/encoding concern. You must use the right CCSID on each side of the queue to retrieve the data properly. After reading the message with the same CCSID/charset that was used to create the message, then you can convert to another CCSID/charset if desired.


Thanks for the reply…

Acccording to you, if the source and target CCSID are same then it should not create any problem. But our source is sending the message with chinese characters with CCSID as 819. When we receive in webMethods with same CCSID, we are seeing ASCII characters instead of these chinese characters. Even we have checked at the queue by diabling the listener, it was having proper chinese characters. Also, I have tried by making "Convert application Data’ in the listener level as false. But no use if this. Only CCSID of 1208 is solving our problem.

Shriraksha A N

CCSID 819 is ISO-8859-1, which is…ASCII (Latin-1). So they cannot send Chinese chars when using 819.

Have you confirmed they are using 819?

1208 is UTF-8 (with IBM private use area). If that’s what they are putting on the queue then that would explain why using that on the listener side gives you the characters you’re expecting.