Premature end of file - MWS Error in webMethods 10.2 version

Hi Team,

While we have installed MWS we have been getting “Premature end of file” while trying to open partner profiles.I have dropped and recreated TN scripts in DB. However I am getting the “Premature end of file” error.
Do we have any fix to be installed?


I did face this issue with 9.12 but we had installed some fix levels but make sure you check the below touch points

1> Check if Central User Management is correctly configured "Security > User Management "
2> Check SSO with MWS at Settings > Resources
3> Verify the settings at /WmMonitor/ homepage
4> Check TN and MWS Administrators Groups/ACL’s

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the reply.I was able to fix the issue by adding ACL’s (TNAdministrators) to TNMWSUsers ACL.However the error seems to be misleading to me.