POSTing data to an IIS webpage

I am attempting to use client:http to POST data over to an ASP webpage on an IIS server that requires authentication. I have attempted to place the required user id and password in the AUTH section of the client:http service and not having any luck. When I specify an ASP webpage that does not have any authentication required, the call works fine and I get back the status and statusMessage just fine.

I have played with the Auth Type setting and throughout the Built-In Services PDF, it only mentions using “Basic” in that field. Are there any other settings that will work with an IIS webpage? Regardless if it makes that call work, what are some other valid settings for this variable?

Is there something special or unique about the authentication in Windows that IS just cant talk to? Anyone have any suggestions?

I am currently using wM IS 6.01 on an XP machine. The IIS version is 5.x on Windows 2000. The call is using HTTP .

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!