Ports, Adapters and Packages disappearing


On (only) one of our WebMethods 9.8 IS, we noticed several times files or configuration missing after our weekly restart.

Ports (file polling) have been missing a few times, some JDBC adapters disappeared once and we also had an occurrence where some services inside a Wm package went missing.

Anybody had similar problems with their installation?

As far as we can tell, we don’t have scripts or startup/shutdown services that could possibly do that. We’re not missing disk space either.

About the missing ports and adapters: the missing ports were always some recently added ones, whereas for adapters the most recently added ones were still there but not the older ones that have been defined for years.

I suspected maybe some weird behavior from Deployer (deployment projects repository is on another IS) during startup/shutdown services execution, but it’s hard to investigate since what those services are supposed to do is not documented AFAIK. Also why would it not affect our other IS!?

Comments/suggestions/clues would be welcome.