Polling isn't working

We are having a problem with polling. We have triggers set up to publish a document upon inserting rows into a table. This is the standard behavior of a trigger, where it has a buffer table, an oracle trigger, and a sequence.

Suddenly we are having a problem where its not working. The record makes it out to the buffer table, but does not make it to the broker. This is for production so any response would be greatly appreciated.

Have you synchronized the broker documents? Maybe after performing a migration? If it happened suddenly out of the blue and it was working find previously, do contact wM Support.

Did you check the polling notifications under the JDBC Adapter link? Some times they can get truned off.


In addition to checking the polling notification, you may want to reset the JDBC connection. We had an issue in prod that was resolved by reseting the JDBC connection.

Are you using 6.1, I know one of the service packs, I believe service pack 2 resolved some polling notification issues.


Have u checked the JDBC connection? If it is enabled ,Once desable the connection and enable it , then it might be work.

Have you checked connection polling is eanbled in jdbc connection. If connection polling is not enabled…need to enable conneciton polling. its work.,…



are we talking about Connection Pooling or Polling Notifications?

Just to be sure in which direction to investigate?

Meanwhile you should provide some more informations about IS and Adapter Version (incl. SP/SP & Fixes) as well as Database Version and Driver version.

Are you using the correct documentTypeName in the Trigger and the service being invoked? It must be exactly the same as the Publishable DocumentType from the Notification.