JDBC Polling Notification Not Working

Hello there,

This is what we are trying to achieve:

  • Let’s say we have a table (Database type: Oracle) with following elements ID, status, name. Status can only have values ‘0’ or ‘1’. If the value for status is updated from ‘0’ to ‘1’, then a service should be triggered which takes as input all results from the table for which the value of the Status got updated from ‘0’ to ‘1’.

This is what we did so far:

We created a JDBC Adapter Notification on Update (on the select section we added all the elements from the table and checked Notify on Update for the element status, on the when section we added Status.old = ‘0’ and Status.new= ‘1’). This generated automatically a publishable document. Afterwards we created a Messaging Trigger so that when the earlier mentioned document gets published (we are using webMethods Broker) the below service is triggered:

  • B2B.trigger.triggerService (The service now only adds an entry to our server log - by using debug.log).

  • Afterwards we went on the IS admin Page at the JDBC Polling Notification section, set the interval for our adapter notification to 10 seconds and enabled it.

Then, in order to test the whole process, we updated a value from our Table for status from ‘0’ to ‘1’ and hit commit. We waited for at least 1 minute but nothing happened. We also checked the server log.

Are we doing something wrong. How is the proper way to set up an adapter Notification On Update?

Our IS Settings:
Fix level: IS_9.9_Core_Fix1

Thank you in advance!

Make sure you have the latest fix levels installed on your JDBC Adapter 9.0/9.10 version.

Make sure you have the required privileges on DB, as when you enable the Update Notification, buffer table and database trigger gets created on the source table. You can also query the buffer table to check if some record exists when you alter the main table.

Also, make sure to sync the notification publishable document with Broker/UM