Adapter Notifications

Hi Experts,

While trying to enable the Polling Notifications i am getting the below error:

Execution of DDL query of Notification failed during enable/disable. Please check the datatypes of columns selected in notification.
Cannot create trigger on ‘ABC.dbo.tablename’ as the target is not in the current database.

Not sure why the trigger is not getting created even after giving the proper tablename details.

Kindly advise.

Its urgent.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Priyanka,

make sure that the source table being monitored does not contain any columns of type LOB as this type is not supported by Notifications.
Or de-select these columns when defining the notification.
Additionally make sure you have the proper rights in the schema to create and drop the table, sequence and trigger for the Notification itself.
See JDBC-Adapter Users Guide for further informations.

Which version of JDBC-Adapter are you using? Any Fixes applied to it?