Polling Notifiction Documents set to not publishable

I am creating insert and update polling notifications. The Documents are set to publishable = true. I can create a trigger to subscribe to the Document, a flow to call from the trigger and test.

As soon as the IS instance is restarted the document(s) are being set to publishable = false. Since these are polling notification documents I cannot change the publishable setting, or any of the Properties of the document.

I have 8 notifications, 4 insert, and 4 update notification on the one adapter, it is happening to others also all Oracle, but I am just concentrating on the one. Three of the Insert notifications documents are fine, they are still set to publishable. They are the first three I created on this adapter.

Any Ideas on why the documents are getting set to publishable = false?

The documents are getting created on the broker. If I delete the notification though it is not cleaning up.

Adapter Version 6.0.3 Release Notes
Updates JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix11

IS version 6.5


I had similar problem, when I created insert notification, and suddenly the publishable document became not publishable, in sort of ‘locked’ state.
this usually happened after IS restart.
only thing to do was to delete the notification adapter (which deleted the pub. document) and redo it.

what I did was to create the trigger for the publishable document in DIFFERENT folder/package than where the publishable document was.
after that it stopped happening.
looks like having trigger and publishable document for this trigger in same namespace causes problems…

hard to say, it was just my hunch to do this and the problem disappeared.
if you already have them in different places then i am afraid this wont help you…


I did what you said, put it in a new package folder and it worked. Deleted that one and put a new trigger in the same package, but different folder, like the original problem and the document is publishable still even after restarting the IS. I will play with it more to see why the original creation of the notification/doc and the trigger in the same package does not work on a original creation.