JDBC Polling Notification Error

We have JDBC adapter 6.5 hitting a MS SQL Server. We have two issues. First issue is it seems like whenever we have network problems the polling notifications inexplicably gets disabled. When it gets disabled and we re enable it is when the second issue comes in. When we re enable it, a new DB trigger gets create that has a different name and when the .NET application writes to the notification table, the transaction fails. Anyone have a similar issue?


please describe a bit more detailed what happens around the disabling/enabling the Notification:

Is it really getting disabled in the JDBCAdapter-page?

Do you reload the adapter metadata before enabling the notification?
This will regenerate the trigger names but should not affect the polling.

Sometimes restarting the IS solves the issue without affecting the existing notification.

Is .Net writing to your application table or to the WMBxxxxxx-Table directly?

Please check the Server-Log and the DB schema carefully when disabling the notification as this normally will try to remove the WMBxxx, WMTxxx and WMSxxx-Objects. If the Db is not available in this moment they will not be removed and you have to remove them manually. If you do not remove them manually, the notification cannot be enabled using