Notifications do not appear in the jdbc Adapter > Polling screen

we have two Qa servers in a clustor,and one fine morning we were not able to see the notifications showing up in JDBC adapter admin page…click on polling notifications and we get nothing.

did anyone face this issue before …
any info is highly appreciated…


Hello – we are experiencing the same problem - we see the adapter when browsing via the Developer tool, but it does not properly load to the IS upon startup. We’re running 6.0.1 sp 2, on Unix (Solaris), with a clusterer repo server, and are actively working w/webMethods support. Just wondering if you found a solution or at least what might have caused the issue for you.



we had to restart the server a few times before it started working again , and it keeps happening often .and we were not able to replicate the issue when we get webmethods on call.
so i would suggest u to restart the server and see if it gets resolved by itself .
and i remember webmethods support people suggesting us to upgrade our jdbc adapter to a newer version ,but anyhow we were not able to do that at that stage of our project life cycle.

if u get any info on this issue please keep this thread posted ,so that users can get the latest info .

Hello – after two weeks of working w/webMethods support, and troubleshooting on our own as well, it finally came down to a connection that was attempting to use the Websphere MQ Adapter – as this was code that was no longer reliant on MQ, the WmMQAdapter was intentionally not installed on the new IS. After installing a specific version (v6.0.0.1, or Websphere MQ Adapter 6.0 sp1 – would not work w/v6.0 MQ Adapter) of the MQ Adapter, the issue is now resolved. We’re still working with webMethods support to find out why other polling notifications disappear when the package having the WmMQAdapter connection reference is loaded, as well as the intermittent nature of some of the other packages’ polling notifications appearing/disappearing – seems like webMethods IS should better handle the polling notifications of other packages.