Please Reply some one for this,I was struggling from last 3 days

Hi EveryOne,

       I am trying to convert XML file to Flatfile ,In this service i am using "sample.IO.test:writeToFile

but this step not creating file(.txt) in specified path what would be the reason. Same step

“sample.IO.test:writeToFile” i am using in another flow service writing data DB to flatfile

here also same problem i am facing.Do we need to do any settings for this step,please help me

some one, if i don’t get sloution in WMForum where i can go from last 3 days i didn’t get solution

this might be basic thing

but i am learner please help me…



Check you error and server logs and let us know what error you were getting.

Also check the File system path and the folder access etc to troubleshoot.