"Plan to use Command Central" for Platform Manager


This is wM9.12 on Windows 2012 R2.

I installed wM, including Platform Manager (SPM), on a server, but I did not install Command Central (CCE). The reason is that CCE would be installed on a different server. In the installation process I unticked the box ‘‘Plan to use Command Central’’, thinking it was about planning to install CCE on the same server (looking at the screen for long hours make you read things that don’t exist). The problem is that now I cannot access SPM from the CCE on the other server. I know of no means to ‘repair’ an existing wM installation, and trying to uninstall/reinstall SPM is not a good idea because the installer wants to uninstall a host of other components including IS. Does anyone know how to get SPM to be accessible by CCE post-installation?

To see a snapshot of the installation option, see here (ignore the origin of the photo, just look at the photo itself):

Thanks for any input.


I got a solution from SAG. Simply creating the windows service for SPM resolved the issue. You do that by running the command “service.bat -installstart” from the bin folder of SPM. CCE then can be setup as per standard processes.