Placeholder for username and password for accessing receiver MSH endpoint(Module for AS4).

In the protocol section of a TPA, the endpoint URL of the responding MSH (Module for AS4 in webMethods) is specified as http://:/ws/msh/receive. Where we are putting the host and port of the receiving Integration Server.
Where do we specify the username and password for accessing this endpoint URL. The error we currently get is Access Denied for “Default” user. Can anyone please help ?

Thanks in advance.

CAn you please make sure the Default user has the Administrator group rights (iif not add it via User Management) and try test again?


Adding Default to the Administrator’s ACL is not a good idea as that should only be done for privileged accounts. Please check the docs or open a support ticket on this.


We are facing the same issue for our AS4 module version 9.5.
@ Debdarshan Roy - I know this post is old but please can you remember what you have done to resolve the issue?