Issues in using Module for AS4

We are using service wm.ip.estd.as4.msh:submit to submit documents to TN and we have tried several options including changing MIME part and soap body options and also created matching TPA and the IS logs shows matching TPA is found and loading TPA and the message “send complete, no error received!” but no UserMessage is appearing in TN

We could see in the IS logs that ‘Trying to load PMode’ message is showing thrice along with other 2 messages like ‘Loading pmode’…etc

We are also unable to see and access the MSH service https://host:port/ws/msh/receive on our IS do you have any separate service or endpoint to give to Partner to receive AS4 messages

Please refer the attached docs for logs,service used,TPA,Fix level info for IS,TN

Hi Rahul,

AS4 submit service use service inputs to match the available TPA and uses TPA configuration further to construct the user message and deliver it to partner url mentioned in the TPA. Please check if the provided inputs and TPA configurations are proper. I cannot see the attached doc you mentioned.

Please check if the AS4 receive service is part of the “Allow List or Deny List for a port”, if not then add it to the list (Administration > Ports > Access mode: HTTPSListener@{port number} > Add folders and services) as below:


For AS4 module this is the receiving endpoint which need to be shared with partner.

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