Pipeline Matching Variable in TN Document


Does any one knows or have worked with Pipeline Matching Variables that can be defined while defining TN document?

Please let me know how to use that feature?
I want to set SenderID and ReceiverID with constant value for that particular document type.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What exactly you want to send in the document? you want to pass the params in the TN_params?

Are you creating some document type that sender/receiver identifiers and use for extract and recognize?


I want to pass SenderID and ReceiverID in that document. I tried to pass it through TN_Params, but not sure how to extract from it.

Please advice.

In which service you are tried passing params? Is it routeXML or tn:receive or routeFlatfile?

TN will automatically extract and recognize…but this only works when you route flat files note it:



I am using routeXML.

Refer to the TN documentation. It describes how to do this.

TN_parms → Document (optional) An IS document (IData object) that holds ʺhintsʺ that Trading Networks uses when performing document recognition for a flat file document. See information about document gateway services in the webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide for details on providing recognition hints.

sender id and receiver id should match in the TN while tranfering the document.

Hi Shweta,

Please refer TN Documentation …
It has been desribed there with ease … just follow the documentation …

Cheers !!!

In your TN doctype you set a pipeline matching variable, you can use whatever you want say the name is ‘Transaction Type’. Then you set a variable under the TN_parms to match eg. Transaction Type and set the value to match what you put in TN doctype. Then you route it to TN (such as via recognize and routeBizdoc)