Physical Properties: Map SubtreeAdabas


I want to define a Schema (TSD4) to a TaminoDB (V4.1.1.1). In the Schema I want fields to directly access the host (BS2000), so at the top “element complex” (after the doctype), I chose “Map SubtreeAdabas” as physical property, entered the DBID and FNR.

1) Which is the correct encoding. I only know the ADABAS is in EBCDIC, but don’t find that value in the list?

2) After entering the “shortname”, etc. for all the desired fields, I want to DEFINE the schema to Tamino and get following error:
“An error occurred while processing a schema document; X-Node licensing error, insufficient rights: X-Node license missing for ADABAS <INOXDE7931,INOXME8508>”
Which licence do I need?

Thanks for the help,

Hi Rob,

1) for encoding it is likely to be one of the ibmxxx encodings, e.g. ibm037 is US EBCDIC.
2) to be able to use Adabas x-node functionality you need a Tamino licence key that enables x-node to Adabas. Please contact your local Software AG office.


Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Hi Stuart!

Thanks for the info - we have contacted the SAG-office to get a new licence key.

Where can I find out, what IBMxxx-code the german EBCDIC has got?


The encoding should be IBM273. See

Thanks, Harald.