Performance Tools - Development Workspace

I am trying to do a performance test on a Windows Server 2003 platform, but am having trouble with the license key. The key we have for the WS2003 machine is a runtime edition, which does not allow us to us the performance tools.

The problem is that I would like to do some stress testing on the production machine environment to see how many users that machine will be able to support.

I tried using the other license key I have, but I get a version error when running on WS2003.

Would it be possible to make the performance tools available for a runtime environment?

what “performance tools” are you using?

The performance tool that is part of Application Designer.

The usual performance testing scenario is the following:
You run the performance tool in a CIS-installation with a development license.
The CIS-installation you are actually “performance-testing” normally is a production environment with a runtime license.

If you do it this way, it should work OK.

The performance tool is not treated differently compared to other tools. All tools are covered by the developer license.

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